BSB Premium Protein with Whey 500g Pistachio

In this product, the proteins of different origins complement each other to form an optimal amino acid matrix.
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BSB SPORTSFOOD® - Premium Protein with Whey

Content: 500g - Pistachio

Product description

Premium Protein with Whey is a powder for making a protein drink with vitamins. With sweeteners. In this product, proteins of different origins complement each other to form an optimal amino acid matrix. The Whey protein used is an ultra-filtered Whey protein. The protein powder dissolves completely in the liquid (milk or water). Without the addition of aspartame.


Protein, protein blend (90%, Soy Protein Isolate (Soy Protein Isolate), Instant Soluble Cross Flow Micro Whey Protein Concentrate (Whey Protein Concentrate), Glycine, Hydrolyzed Beef Protein (Hydrolysed Beef Protein)), in flavor Chocolate, Cafe Brazil, Hazelnut, Stracciatella (cocoa powder heavily de-oiled), flavor, in flavor Strawberry, Cherry, Banana Cherry, Wildberry (coloring food beet powder), Stracciatella flavor ((cookies (wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, cocoa powder, salt)), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), niacinamide, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), D-calcium pantothenate (pantothenic acid), riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyrodoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1), folic acid, biotin, methylcobalamin (vitamin B12), in flavor Pistachio (color woodruff green*).

Only for Stracciatella flavor: contains gluten.

* may affect activity and attention in children


As needed for one serving, stir 30g of powder into 250ml of water or low-fat milk and consume.

If milk is used, its nutritional values must be added.


Nutritional values   per 100 g     per serving (30 g) in water
Calorific value 1543 kJ/363 kcal 463 kJ/109kcal
Fat 0,9 g 0,3 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0,2 g 0,1 g
Carbohydrates 7,6 g 2,3 g
thereof sugar 6,8 g 2,0 g
Protein 81,1 g 24,3 g
Salt 2,23 g 0,67 g
Dietary fiber 21,3 g 6,39 g



Nutritional values for chocolate   per 100 g     per serving (30 g) in Water
Calorific value 15438kJ/365 kcal 464 kJ/109 kcal
Fat 1,4 g 0,42 g
thereof saturated fatty acids 0,5 g 0,15 g
Carbohydrates 9,7 g 2,9 g
thereof sugar 6,7 g 2,1 g
Protein 78,2 g 23,5 g
Salt 2,14 g 0,64 g
Dietary fiber 21,3 g 6,39 g


per serving
Vitamin E 3,6 mg  30%
Vitamin C 24 mg 30%
Thiamine 0,33 mg 30%
Vitamin B2 0,42 mg 30%
Niacin 4,8 mg 30%
Vitamin B6 0,42 mg 30%
Folic acid 60 µg 30%
Vitamin B12 0,75 µg 30%
Biotin 15 µg 30%
Pantothenic acid 1,8 mg 30%
*%NRV = percentage of the daily recommended minimum intake according to EU directive.
All data are subject to the usual fluctuations of natural products.


Amino acid profile per 100g product
*Lysin                             7700mg     Alanine 5000mg
*Methionine 1700mg Arginine 5100mg
*Phenylalanine 4200mg Aspartic acid + L- asparagine 10100mg
Proline 4200mg Cysteine 1700mg
Serine 5100mg Glutamic acid + Glutamine 17200mg
*Threonine 5900mg Glycine 3500mg
*Tryptophan 1200mg Histidine 2200mg
Tyrosine 3300mg *Isoleucine+ 5900mg
*Valine 5800mg *Leucine+ 9700mg

*= essential amino acids += BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) Per 100g product = 21.3g BCAAs.

Per serving with 250ml water = 6,39g BCAAs. All data are subject to fluctuations usual for natural products.


Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Do not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Store out of reach of small Children.

Once opened, use within 3 months. Store the product closed, dry, protected from light and at room temperature (15 - 25° C).


Banana, Banana-Cherry, Cafe Brazil, Citrus-Curd, Coconut, Double Chocolate, Strawberry, Hazelnut,
Yogurt-Icecream, Cherry, Pistachio, Chocolate-Caramel, Stracciatella, Vanilla, Vanilla-Special, Wildberry


Shipping weight: 0,55 kg
Content: 500,00 g
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